Your Business At The Top
Of Search Engine Results
Without expensive ads or agencies
Getting Clients Shouldn’t Be Expensive Or Stressful
Getting Clients Shouldn’t
Be Expensive Or Stressful
Ads Are Expensive
Content creation, paid ads, and sponsored material is getting increasingly expensive. SEO is still the most cost-effective marketing.
Second Page Doesn’t Work
92% of people don’t go to the second page of search engine results. Businesses on the first page take all of the business.
The Competition Is Winning
People are already searching for your products and services but they’re most likely landing on your competitors pages because they’re using SEO.
Get your business on the 1st page
Get your businesses on
the 1st page
SEOMatic Is Different
  • Buyer Intent Keywords
  • We will locate and suggest keywords your ideal customers are using to send higher quality traffic to your business.
  • Ranked Websites
  • With just a little info about your business, we will generate beautiful sites for increased traffic, visibility, and trust.
  • SEO Dashboard
  • Log in to the SEOMatic dashboard to track Google rankings for your keywords, websites, and to see when
  • your business reaches page one.
Trusted by 600+ businesses
How It Works
Provide your business’s information such as name, address, and phone number in the easy-to-use wizard
SEOMatic will generate your beautiful website optimized for your business keywords and location instantly
We will notify you when your website is published and as it starts moving up the ranks, all the way to the first page
Marketing That Works
Your Company On Top
Leave Competitors Behind
SEO Is An Investment
How easy is your website to find on the internet? Lifting your rank to the first page where most clicks go can provide a massive return on your modest investment. You are doing an excellent job. Let others know about it.
First page rank in 30 days or money back
1 Location
First page rank up to 5 keywords
No longterm contract
3 Locations
First page rank up to 15 keywords
No longterm contract
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How long will it take my website to rank?
  • Your website will be ranked on the first page in 30 days or less.
  • Why do I need a new website?
  • To get ranked very high, pages need a clean code and other technical fixes that you can't do yourself.
  • Why do I need multiple new websites?
  • We can't rank one website loaded with all the relevant keywords for your business. With multiple pages, you can rank at the top for multiple keywords.
  • What happens if my page doesn't rank on page one?
  • You will get your money back. Find our refund policy here.
  • Which search engines will I rank on?
  • We mainly focus on Google but you will also appear on Bing
  • and Yahoo.