Refund Policy
Last updated: July 19, 2019
At we are confident in the services we offer and that you will get the results promised when you implement all the advice and instructions offered.
We guarantee that your business will rank on the first page of Google based on buyer intent keywords, location based keywords, and based on your zip code location.
Business Package Guarantee: 1 buyer intent location based keyword will rank on Google’s first page within 30 days from when you complete the SEOMatic steps you filled out.
Premium Package Guarantee: At least 10 buyer intent location based keywords will rank on Google’s first page within 30 days from when you complete the SEOMatic steps you filled out. 
We simply ask that you fill out and complete the instructions in the application in a timely manner so we can provide the results promised.
Our service comes with an action based, 30 day money back guarantee. This means you must complete the steps within 7 days of purchasing the package.
To qualify for a refund you MUST follow these steps:
Once you make the purchase of one of our service packages you must complete all the instructions on the application within 7 days (this includes any and all content creation that is asked of you within the application).

You have the option to have a 3rd party supplier create content for you. This is a paid service and you can order it within the application.
If you decide that you’d like to handle the content creation, you have to order the content within 3 days of purchasing one of our packages. You must also approve the content within 3 days of receiving it.

PLEASE NOTE: There are absolutely no refunds on content creation.
To receive a refund please reach out to our support staff via the intercom widget within the app.
From our end, it is our responsibility to take all the information you provide us and get your business ranked on Google’s first page.
For that reason, it is YOUR responsibility to fill out all our steps and instructions in a timely manner and in the time frame mentioned above. If you follow all the proper steps and your business does not get ranked on the first page of Google within 30 days, then we take full responsibility and you will qualify for a refund. You will receive the refund within 7 days after requesting a refund.

If you do not follow the guidance and fill out the instructions within the 7 days after purchasing one of our packages then it is unfortunately your responsibility and therefore DO NOT qualify for a refund.
There is zero risk involved with our services as long as you follow the instructions provided to you within the app and fill it out in a timely manner.

Please be aware that there are no refunds on any monthly recurring charges.

If you would like to cancel the service, please submit a support ticket before your next billing date. Once the amount is charged on your billing date there are no refunds.